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Every computer owner and user has definite opinions about the different operating systems out there like Windows or Linux. Even though the average PC consumer might only know the Windows based system, those who are more technologically minded will at least feel familiar with Linux. We’ll take a look at the good and the bad stuff about both of these operating systems in this article.

For the most part, technically minded people think Linux is easy – this is not true for most of the rest of us. It is not as simple as Windows in regard to the learning curve, mostly because it was made by programmers for programmers. Microsoft designed Windows to be user-friendly for the average person who wants to utilize technology without having to actually understand what it does. The Linux OS is actually updated on a regular basis. Of course, the same is true for Windows, but in this case you simply install it by hitting a few keys. The best way to determine if Linux is the OS for you is to do research on the topic. It might take a while, but if you do your research and practice, Linux might be the OS for you.

If you choose to use Linux, you might think there will be limited support, and it will be hard to find. Most of the world’s computer users have Windows, so it would only seem reasonable that most of the technical support would be aimed at them. If you check it out, you’ll find a different story. If you need some tech support for Linux, it is quite good, as long as you do some searching. As long as you don’t mind going to forums, and the informal atmosphere, you can get support. Usually you will get a quick answer, whenever you are at a Linux forum and mention the problem you are having. Technical support is available, but it will be different from when you buy a computer with Windows, and you get official support.

Linux provides many educational tools that can help people learn. The best possible resources for learning, in regard to students, comes from the Linux operating system which many schools use. Of course, the fact that Linux software is free is a great advantage in this area all by itself, especially in a time when many schools are facing budget cuts. More and more schools are starting to come on board with Linux because it is free of charge and is offering many more software programs to help with education.

Windows or Linux? Which one do you get? Basically, it comes down to your daily habits and what you really need the operating system for. People that play an excessive amount of games with their computer will definitely use Windows. Linux is better for networking. So if this is what you do, choose this OS. So before you make a decision to choose one operating system over the other, consider what we have written about them in this article and make your choice from a logical and need based standpoint.

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