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What’s the update on Google vs Yahoo vs Bing for click advertising.  Well, first of all it’s Google vs Bing and Yahoo, because Bing and Yahoo have an agreement that all ads for Bing will appear on Yahoo and vice versa.

Iffpf Media ® LLC research has shown that approximately 65 % of visitors to dealerships web sites come from Google searches.  With the remaining 35 % coming from other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo.

Bing is the follow up to MSN Search from the late 90′s and Yahoo has been around longer than that.  Over the years both have been devastated by behemoth Google, and both are trying to make a comeback. Google is still the leader .

It is estimated that Google gets about 75% of all search dollars in the pay per click business.   At first glance that 75% does not seem to make sense .  But it does, because Google charges more per click and with 65% of the visitors it ads up to be more dollars for Google.

On average pay for click advertising in comparable markets cost about 80% more on Google than on Bing and Yahoo.  Google’s reach and popularity makes it worth it. The question then becomes is it worth it to do pay per click advertising on the sites, such as Bing and Yahoo?   Remember that 35 % of visitors to dealership web sites come from search engines other than Google, Iffpf Media ® LLC research has shown that most of the 35 % is from Yahoo and Bing.

Bing  marketing likes to say that their searchers are from an older population who have more disposable income.  Iffpf Media® LLC research has shown that the claim of older searchers with more disposable income on bing is not true and older searchers are just as likely to use Google, and they do much more often. Should you take the click challenge or not?

There is no question that Google is the dominant player and is a win for dealers.  The question is how many more visitors would I get from Bing and Yahoo and what would be my conversion ratio, and what is the cost per vehicle sold?  Analytics is the answer. But you can’t analyze it until you try it.

There are dealers who’s theory and reason for buying pay for click advertising on Bing and Yahoo is that they do not want to miss the potential customers and sales from those who only use Bing and Yahoo.  Iffpf Media ® LLC prior research has shown this number to be very small , less than 2 %, as searchers on Bing and Yahoo tend to also use Google for the same searches.     The searchers use Bing and Yahoo as a second or third opinion on the search matter, with Google being the leading source.

Paul R Hauke, CEO Iffpf Media ®  LLC

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