Understanding Facebook Vocabulary


Many people who use Facebook really don’t understand the vocabulary.  As a result we have compiled this short quick reference guide.

Application –  A program that allows users to share content and interact with other users

EdgeRank –  An algorithm used by Facebook to determine what content gets shown in users’ New Feeds

Fan –  Facebook users who choose to “Like” and become a “fan” of an organization’s page

Friend – 1.) (n) Personal connection on Facebook;  2.)  (v) To add a Facebook user as a friend

Friend List –  Organized groupings of friends

Group –  A collection of Facebook users with a common interest;  any Facebook user can create and join a Facebook group

Like(s) – 1.)  (v) Within Facebook, to like a business Page means you’ve become a fan of that page; 2.)  (v)  Within Facebook, to like others’ comments on their wall or news feed;  3.)  (n)  The number of users who have liked your page;  4.)  (n)  Outside of Facebook, to like something using the Facebook like button

Network –  An association of Facebook users based on a school or workplace

News Feed –  An aggregation of one’s friends’ wall posts published on a user’s Facebook homepage

Page –  Official presence for public figures, artists, bands, businesses, places, entertainment, causes, brands, or products to share information and interact with fans on Facebook

Profile –  Presence for individuals to share information and interact with friends and organizations on Facebook

Wall –  The core of a profile or page that aggregates new content, including posted items (e.g. status updates) and recent actions (e.g. becoming a fan of a page)

A good social media digital marketing campaign must include the proper use of Facebook, as well as many other applications to build your internet presence.  Facebook and digital marketing offers the opportunity to track and quantify your internet responses for maximum effectiveness.  You can and will earn lifelong customers and clients.

The best rule to follow is to have a good quality and experienced professional help to guide you with your social media and digital marketing program.  Such a quality firm is Iffpf Media, where you can have a full digital marketing assessment done.

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