Understanding Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm

Understanding Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm.

One of the most intuitive and important pieces of Facebook technology is its Edge Rank Algorithm, which determines which items are displayed to a Facebook user in their News Feed.

What’s important to businesses is that the Edge Rank will determine how many people will see a link or content item you’ve shared in your Facebook in their  News Feed.  When a post is shared on Facebook , it is seen by the algorithm as an “object.”  Interactions with the post such as a like, share, comment, tag, etc create an “edge.”  The more edges an object has , the more likely it will be displayed in a users’s News Feed.  Edge Rank looks at frequecy of posts, relevance (number of friends clicking, liking, and commenting), plus the user’s hsitory of clicking and messaging within Facebook.

Facebook’s Edge Rank is very important to your business because you want to maximize the reach of your content in the internet world.

For maximizing your Edge Rank on Facebook , the best rule to follow is to have a good quality and experienced professional help and guide you with your social media and digital marketing program.  Such a quality firm is Iffpf Media, where you can have a full digital marketing assessment done.

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