Why You Need A Digital Marketing and Social Networking Strategy

Why You Need A Digital Marketing and Social Networking Strategy

For a great Digital Marketing and Social Networking Strategy there are three things that you must know:

1.) You must know what you are doing

2.) You must know how you are doing it

3.) You must know why you are doing it

It’s as shame how many of the millions of companies on the internet who have a Facebook or Twitter account, don’t really know why, and don’t know anything about the thousands of other social media sites and blogs that they can use to grow there business.

Even companies with dedicated in house Internet departments only know that they should participate in Social Media and Digital Marketing, but they don’t really know how or why.

Let 2011 be the year that you get serious and develop a definitive strategy on social networking with a clear vision about what , where, and why you are participating. As part of this, specific goals and objectives must be defined.

Social networking is an extended conversation with your customers; past, present, and future. With a good social media program you are able to converse and listen to present and potential customers.

Social networking is a less expensive alternative to traditiional advertising for brand building opportunities. It is important to build your brand no matter what the economic conditions. As money tightens you must look at the most economical ways to build your brand. Talking to blogs and keeping your social networks , like Facebook and Twitter and other quality sites, updated with product related news, special offers, and exclusive discounts will make you a winner. Good brand building equals brand loyalty.

Social networking can help you identify small problems before they start and become bigger ones. Knowing of small problems before they become large ones allows you to avoid problems and lost business. Social media can bring you feedback on your products or services, by way of an online survey or poll, or by just monitoring online activity for your brand or service.

Set your goals , or the why, of your social networking. Ask in your organization what you should be seeking in your social media and digital marketing campaign. Write them down in order of importance. These are your goals.

Now the question is , how to achieve your social media goals. Once again ask your organization.

Now what sites or blogs, etc. do you want to promote your brand and message on. Start small with 10 – 15 social networking sites. If you already have a social media and digital marketing program in place then zero in on those sites or blogs that are already referring business your way.

The best rule to follow is to have a good quality and experienced professional help and guide you with your social media and digital marketing program. Such a quality firm is Iffpf Media, where you can have a professional full digital marketing assessment done.


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