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Toyota’s Scion division wants to sell cars like sells products.  At this time this might be a little far fetched.  The problem is that automotive marketing is an influencing medium, not a direct response medium”.  Consumers do not buy houses, boats, motorcyles , trucks or cars online.  They will buy diapers , books, cd’s, dvd’s etc. on line and that is why Amazon .com is so successful.  Consumers like to search for houses on line, and do similarly like to search for cars, motorcycles, etc.  In the end with the high ticket items they still want to see it, touch it, and smell before they buy.  The brick and mortar dealership is still in the picture.

A great social media program will offer a far better return by bringing customers into your showroom for sales, special events, etc., all promoted online.

Nissan has noticed that the social media world has put consumers in a position to enter a complaint on Facebook rather than make a call to Nissan’s phone complaint center.  As a result they are considering moving phone personnel to work with the in house Facebook crew. The reason is the consumers don’e like waiting  on phone calls.  They find it easier to text, email or post their request, complaint, etc.

This is the new age, and for those who embrace it the rewards will be great.  The time to act is now.

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